For you

As I listened to Eraserheads I close my eyes.

I hear the phone ringing when you called the house for homework.
The smell of the bouquet of white roses painted blue on my 16th birthday.
The white scarf you lent me saying its your favorite color: Simple and Pure.

I hear you tell the whole class during our first year that the reason you went there was me.
The hug when I was crying over a stupid grade and the whisper that its okay.
What you brought me once when I was sick: a slice of Black Forest cake.

I hear your out-of-tune voice singing to me.
How I criticize it and you kept singing even if I do.
The guitar which magically syncs to you.

And now I can only replay the words you once told me in my head, from a song by Eraserheads: ‘In love ako, sa isang kolehiyala’.

I open my eyes and return to this day where I’m not in college anymore and life isn’t all about homework, flowers and cakes.

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