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    Missing Milk Tea

    I just recently moved in to a different country because of work (Yeah, no big deal right?) and one of the blues of staying in a different place is looking for things you love which aren’t there and in terms of drinks, while writing this next sentence I can already taste it: milk tea.

    You might say “how shallow!” Of course it’s a given that you’d miss your family, friends and foes but not being able to taste your usual food means a lot more than you think. Read more…


    I’m one Happy Lemon!

    THIS. My favorite cup in Happy Lemon: Green Tea with Rock Salt Cheese.

    The trick, don’t stir. For me at least, I’m just so addicted to the salty taste of the froth mixed with healthy goodness of tea.

    Just looking at this makes me want to buy one again.



    Bonchon Chicken first-timers!

    No, not me, my sisters. We had lunch at their UST branch and the crew were really nice, they even escorted us to our table which was actually just three steps away from the counter (haha). I ordered them the classic soy garlic chicken in twos, just to be sure, and they find it really tasty, ‘coz they really are! they so are that even the flavory crumbs don’t get away (as long as they’re still on my plate of course).

    I forgot how Bonchon was brought up into the conversation yesterday where they mentioned that they haven’t tried eating there, and viola, they have.