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    My Minimal List

    My lipstick is pregnant

    Or so I thought when my futile attempt at organizing my stuff into our new flat had me stressed. They just don’t seem to decline in number even if I felt like I’ve been organizing and shelving them for hours. We all have these immortal objects that we keep on thinking we’ll use in the foreseeable future which after a year or so becomes more distant. I’ve been reading this blog for a long time now and I believe it’s high time to actually try it out and unclutter my material life. Read more…


    Throwing rocks

    Oftentimes it’s hard to resist the temptation of negative criticism over social media, especially if it’s someone you know or closely know at that, thinking whatever sermon you have is for that friend’s own sake when in fact it’s just so you can get it out your chest how wrong he was. So instead of telling it straight to his face you just post it as a status or tweet it to show on your feed or whatever medium you think appropriate indirectly telling how obscene he looks or how stupid his action was or even just how irritating his number of selfies are. Read more…

    Life, Music

    There’s something about 8tracks

    Unlike travelling to a place you’ve never been before, where you have to pack your bags and pay to ride by land or fly by plane for hours. Unlike eating food you’ve never tried before, where you can end up going for seconds or going to the sink to throw up. Unlike meeting a person you’ve never known before, where you have to transform into a showbiz talkshow host peering into their private lives just so you can get to know them more. However you want to experience something you haven’t experienced before, there’s something about listening to a playlist where you have no idea what comes next. Read more…


    The Godfather

    There’s this Filipino belief that your child can acquire his/her Godparents’ talents and skills, thus being one of the criteria of choosing ‘ninongs'(godfathers) and ‘ninangs'(godmothers) aside from their personal relation to the parents and probably financial capacity. Of course this will only hold true if those Godparents spend a lot of time with their Godchild and actually teach him/her about whatever God-given skills they can impart for if not, then there must be some other means a certain Godfather of mine transferred his drawing skills to me ‘coz we never really spent time together except when my Christmas presents from him are due. Read more…


    In the name of all things fast

    People in today’s world witness things flash straight across their eyes with the speed of a bullet train compared to how things were 200 years ago. And so if ever we encounter anything slower than what technology promises us today we either rant to ourselves or shout it out to those responsible, or to the world for the purposes of this post. Well that’s what I was supposed to do a minute ago after frustratingly waiting for a single photo to load, but now that changed (now that’s fast).

    If you think about it  there are a couple of things where ‘slow’ is better than ‘fast’. Think about love letters, if a guy took his time it would look something like this: Read more…


    Change of Name. Change of Heart.

    Okay, so I’m thinking of changing this site’s name to ‘UNFINISHED BUSINESS’. No, I have no plans of dying yet (well this isn’t really ours to plan, unless you’re one of those stubborn, suicidal maniacs jumping off railways and the like) that I would leave behind some unfinished business—wait… then again, I guess I SHOULD rename it. Its just that I have this tendency to not actually finish things and you know how people say that when ghosts have an unfinished business they tend to linger longer (hey I can make a tongue twister out of that: Linda likes to linger longer lobbying at the Louvre) until they finally complete whatever business that is. Read more…