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    How I Survive Last-Minute Travels

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    If my friends would sum up my travels in one word that would be Spontaneous…aka Unprepared. One time I decided I’d push through travelling the day before and did my preparations just then. They would invite me someplace and I’d just say yes without batting an eyelash. But do not be fooled when I say ‘unprepared’. It simply means no detailed itinerary whatsoever and all decisions (other than booking the flight) have been made at least three days before.

    You may choose the spontaneity for the adrenaline rush or maybe you just didn’t have any choice and things changed the last minute so you have no time for an itinerary by the hour like you’re used to. Here is how I’ve managed to pull off my ‘spontaneous’ trips so far: Read more…


    Solo in Sevilla

    Day 1. Cold feet, bread with jam and coffee is what I had for breakfast on the morning of April 26th. Good thing I swallowed my cold feet quickly so I was able to just go out and experience my first two-day solo trip with no itinerary whatsoever. Read more…


    Alameda Gardens

    This trip was very random, and just like all the other activities we’ve accomplished for the past months, it was done because it was random and unplanned. We thought we might see flowers since it’s almost spring time but to my disappointment, there aren’t. Though it didn’t hide the fact that it’s a nice place to just unwind and of course, take pictures: Read more…



    Again, I’d have to rely on my crippled memory for this one.

    It was a trip for the family during our father’s vacation here in the Philippines. Actually, this is the first out of town trip we had as a family [yay!] it was probably ‘coz we didn’t have a car back then which is a more advisable mode of transportation for a family of 6 (including one little brother with a possible case of ADHD). Read more…