Growing in 2013

“I want something NEW next year!”- me during every December 31, XXXX at 11:59 PM. I already decided to tweak my hair short and coloured last year so unless I wanted it shorter this year I have to get bald. So I thought of something else. Viola! I thought of GROWING. Not my hair, nor my height (which unfortunately I can’t do anything about).

1. Spiritual. Cheesy you may think, and yes I also think it is but come to think of it I never hated cheese, I even eat my spaghetti with lots of cheese, so that’s okay. I guess there just comes a point in our lives that we feel empty and lost. With all that’s happened in the prior year I need to hold on to someone stronger, who I’m sure would never leave my side, wouldn’t get mad and would forgive me for being stupid, foolish and selfish. Yes God, I’m talking about you, you lucky You.

2. Health. Okay so I eat whenever I feel like but I saw this one picture of me looking pregnant, so unless I want people to start a rumor about me being so, I need to check on what and how much I’m eating.

3. Career. The Mayans predicted the end of the world to be 12.21.12 but I feel like its really 4.15.13 (deadline of submission of financial statements to BIR, you get this if you’re an auditor). Whenever I think of all my clients and their deadlines I just get paralyzed by fear. I need to focus on being productive in the morning by going to work early and preventing myself from doing non-value adding activities. There’s no harm in taking a break of course but I need to make sure that I balance this. Go to work early to go home early! (umm with some exceptions hehe). Utilizing my beloved Belle de Jour planner would definitely help too.

4. Personal. Doing the things I love is a must. I love reading and writing so I made a pledge to buy a book every pay day, so two books a month haha. I also have this new-found love of photography. I want to do a bunch of things this year like travel and learn new things.

5. Social. Get involved, period.

Yes, I’m ready to GROW. =)

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