Haircut? HairNOT!


Just to ward off that writer’s block I chose to chronicle my journey to the hairdresser as if it doesn’t get more ‘any any’ than this. I’ve had my share of hair experimenting, even dared trying the Pixie which I actually liked. I think this is the age where you want to try a lot of new things, go to foreign places, learn a different language and kiss a frog just to keep that adrenaline pumping (Left4Dead feels! *ehem* nerd alert). Maybe before I don’t take care of my hair that much, probably because the Pixie allowed me less concern for my hair with no combing and all at a lot of points, but now I want to bring back the title ‘crowning glory’ it oh so deserves. I’m not a particularly very vain woman (I just did an allowance there), nor do I plan on making this a beauty blog by posting my HOTDs (hair of the day?) but please expect my henrietta locks every now and then.

A girl gotta take care of herself, but a woman gotta take care of the world.


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