In the name of all things fast

People in today’s world witness things flash straight across their eyes with the speed of a bullet train compared to how things were 200 years ago. And so if ever we encounter anything slower than what technology promises us today we either rant to ourselves or shout it out to those responsible, or to the world for the purposes of this post. Well that’s what I was supposed to do a minute ago after frustratingly waiting for a single photo to load, but now that changed (now that’s fast).

If you think about it  there are a couple of things where ‘slow’ is better than ‘fast’. Think about love letters, if a guy took his time it would look something like this:

I may not  have all the riches in the world to buy you things, but I have all the richness in my heart for you to feel that you are the most loved in all the world. Be with me and I won’t promise you anything, I’ll just make it come true..”

or he could send you a text of something like this:

“Jus sy Yes.”

the second one probably just sent that text while his video game was loading.

What about when you had a massage? if it was fast it would probably feel like you’ve just been tapped in the back, you just want to savor every breaking bone in your body on the process.

I cannot emphasize fully the importance of the vacation days you wished were slower, one where you felt like you were able to do so many things and go to so many places and still have time for complete rest instead of those where you felt like you opened the refrigerator to grab a cold soda and when you closed the refrigerator it’s already time for you to get back to work (you didn’t even get the chance to take a sip of that soda, sad).

My point is that we actually prefer those moments which are dear important to us to be relived slowly in our minds, while those heartbreaking events to just pass through our lives so fast unnoticed. The turtle has its reasons for not being as fast as the hare such as the times when life is taking us far slower than we want it to be.

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