Life is on SHUFFLE and I click NEXT

I don’t know what will happen seconds after I write this first sentence. I may lock my computer and go home since it’s already past one in the morning, or perhaps go to the nearest coffee shop for a frappe to keep me awake so I can work till my eyes forbid me to, I can also continue writing this which you know now is what happened since you’re still currently reading on.

There’s so many possible scenarios in life that no one really knows what will happen next. I believe that our lives are being controlled, but we weren’t created to be totally powerless, that’s why God gave us free will.

We are offered the gift of choice. Thank God for this.

After a storm hits us we can either cry over the destruction it brought us, or choose to pick up what’s left and mend whatever it broke and move on. Right now I choose the latter.

So every time I listen to music on shuffle I can just always click next until I find the right song. Now playing: I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz. =)

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