My Minimal List

My lipstick is pregnant

Or so I thought when my futile attempt at organizing my stuff into our new flat had me stressed. They just don’t seem to decline in number even if I felt like I’ve been organizing and shelving them for hours. We all have these immortal objects that we keep on thinking we’ll use in the foreseeable future which after a year or so becomes more distant. I’ve been reading this blog for a long time now and I believe it’s high time to actually try it out and unclutter my material life.

Who ever said a woman can never have too many shoes? or bags? or lipsticks?or books? Okay maybe I can have too many books haha. But still, this consumeristic attitude will always leave you wanting more and who knows when I’ll stop? I’m a confessed impulsive being and if I want something I’ll get it without much thought (though I think it has bore good fruit for me in some days) and sometimes browsing through Pinterest or Instagram is not helping. I’m not expecting to be a monk in the next few months or sleep on the floor (wait I do sleep on the floor now!) but I really want to reduce the stuff I have and retain the things I really need and always use. So what if I wore that shirt in two or three photos already, as long as it’s properly washed I should still be able to live my life normally. Here’s a minimal list I hope to achieve in the next few months on my way to a minimalist life:

1. If I haven’t used it for the past two months, bye!
2. Unfollow fashion/beauty profiles on Instagram

Okay maybe that’s too minimal but hey, that’s what I’m trying to achieve right? Then maybe next time I can unclutter my personal life too.

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