Having patches of two or more colors, as various birds and other animals.

Imagine yourself peeking atop a tree near a flock of gold and you are the only one whose pied (in whatever color you imagine), if you’re not a flock-superstar you’ll want in every way be just like the birds on top of that tree. So you gather up all the worms your parents left you and your brothers for that week (they flew in SouthAmerica doing work for some toucan), took half of it and coloured your feathers just like everybody else on that tree.

Day One: You enter their circle and no one noticed you so you thought ‘great!’. You bumped into a few and you just nod, you didn’t utter any word at all, just nod, afraid that they might notice the difference, things were going smoothly, some started to get friendly.

Day Two: You observed them and practiced how they talk and fly. At the nest your brothers are eating the worms, no worries. You went back to the flock and uttered a few words, you thought it was better if you can learn how they acted first-hand and you mingle with them. This is the happiest moment in your life, so far.

Day Three: You started getting the hang of it, and for the most part it was like you were one of them since the very start. Being the intelligent feathered creature that you are you were getting a little famous, you told jokes and commented on the jokes of others, some thought it was funny, and you observed they liked the offending ones better, that sarcastic tone in you is like music to their ears, you continue, they applauded, your brothers continued eating without taking notice that this is going to be the last supply of worms for the week. This was the happiest moment in your life, more than yesterday.

Day Four: Early in the morning you woke up, no, not because the early bird gets the worm because first, there are no worms anymore and second its due to the incessant itching you feel and you educe that this is the gold feather color you bought, its taking a toll on your feathers, but nothing which bathing in the rain can’t handle. You suffer for a while and you got used to it after an hour or so, but what you cannot get used to is the rattling sound your brothers make, they’re hungry ‘cause they still haven’t eaten any worms since that morning, they come to you since you were the eldest and you catch the worms whenever your parents aren’t around, you then realize that you haven’t eaten as well and it was okay since you were on a diet, you want to be thin like everybody else in the golden flock. You were irritated by their cries so you fled to the highest point of the tree, where you approach that golden light.

Day Five: Late in the morning you woke up, no, not because the early bird gets the worm, but this time the fierce eagles gets the hungry birds. You fled away from the golden flock after partying all night and arrived in the nest just in time to see your parents squealing for the unfortunate fate of your brothers. You flapped your wings because the itch was coming back and primary because you were so mad at yourself for what you did and did not do. Your parents was shocked at the sound and they asked politely for you to leave since this was a family matter. You understand that they were sad and mad but you were family too, or are you? with that indifferent look in their eyes you didn’t look like family, they were pied, you were gold, and that’s all there is…

Imagine yourself standing inside a nest with two pied feathered creatures and you are the only one whose gold. You try with all your might to rub off the gold in your wings, your head, your tummy but it was permanent. You act and fly like the gold birds in the flock. Full of sarcasm and chichi, flapping noisily with no peace, no pied family.

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