Rain, rain don’t go away

Do you sometimes have a certain feeling when it rains? No it’s not the bed weather feeling. I have this unexplainable calmness whenever it’s the rainy season.

It’s weird to feel secure when it’s raining if you’re from a country recently destroyed by one of the strongest typhoons of all time but the flooding and evacuating aside, the gloom coming from the rain makes you just wanna grab a blanket, a coffee and a book. How about the relief of knowing that school is cancelled. Perhaps getting stranded at the office because it is humanly impossible to traverse the road going home and you just sit at your laptop watching movies or chatting with your friends. Maybe it’s when I’m at home and my mom just finished washing the clothes and having them hanging all over the house to dry makes the room feel cold and every time you take the stairs you imagine yourself passing through a jungle and waiting for a lion to pounce at you.

I’m actually starting to think I like the rain more than the sun, is it because I’m an Aquarius?.

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