28 years in the making

Other than New Year’s (and pretty much every week) this is the day when I look back at my life and ask myself: So, how far have you gone?

I’ve come from wanting to have a birthday bash with lots of food, gifts and people ,to just a simple intimate moment to give thanks for this day and the preference for having less things.

I’ve come from a skinny teenager who was in denial that she indeed, looks almost like Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, to a person who is let’s just say ‘healthier’. Although I swear I used to eat more than 2 cups of rice back in college so I don’t know where that ended up.

I’ve come from a very competitive little girl with high standards for herself, to a very competitive older girl with high standards for herself who has learned to chill more often.

I’ve come from being a student, to an employee and back to being a student again! Only this time I actually love what I’m studying and it definitely does make a difference to motivation.

I’ve come from having less time for what matters, to more moments that I can use to do everything I used to just dream of and rant write about. I’ve never regretted the things I gave up to gain this.

I’ve come from dreaming of visiting the Louvre, to living just a 20min train ride away from it. And that goes for all the other landmarks that I’ve only seen in books and on television.

When one is too comfortable in where he is, he forgets that there’s still a lot out there that he could experience. I couldn’t say for sure how far I have gone, but I can say that I have gone and I guess that’s the first step. I can still recall the crazy decisions I made which got me here, and I’m looking forward to more crazy decisions to get me farther to where I’m going. Which is still a long way!

But for today…Happy Birthday to me!

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