31 things I love about you

I love…

  1. when you always ask me how I’m doing
  2. when you cover me with blanket from my neck to my feet
  3. when you surprise me with experiences not things
  4. when you take photos of me
  5. when you take photos with me, even if it takes forever
  6. that you speak so sweet with your parents and grandparents
  7. that you remember things I forget
  8. that you like cartoons like I do
  9. that you love dogs
  10. when you always see dogs everywhere and hear them from far away
  11. that you are silly
  12. your thin lips
  13. when you try to say you like my cooking
  14. that you always remember what I like
  15. when you always give me a kiss in the morning before you leave for work, at 6h45 in the morning
  16. that you always make sure I’m comfortable
  17. when you let me study instead of clean
  18. when you always ask my opinion
  19. but you have an opinion of your own
  20. that you love travel as much as I do
  21. but you have your own way of travelling that I love too
  22. that you always support what I want to do
  23. and know when to say it’s not a good idea
  24. how you tell me you’re proud of me
  25. how you force me to run 4km on a sunday morning
  26. and some sunday mornings make crepes
  27. your smell, with or without perfume
  28. your french accent when you say certain english words
  29. when you say nakakagigil
  30. that your mind is younger than your age
  31. that you will always make me feel young, because you will always be older than me.

Bon anniversaire! 

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