3-day Alsace packing list

Finally! another chance to see another French city, this time in Alsace: Strasbourg and Wimmenau. We’re already in spring yet the temperature is still below 20 degrees celcius so it’s not too cold for a full-on coat and not sufficient for just a dress. Below is my 3-day packing list for travelling to Alsace:



  • Denim jacket (Mango) – instead of bringing such a heavy coat, when paired with a scarf, it’s enough to keep you warm.
  • Striped long sleeve shirt (Muji) – I love this shirt for so many reasons: I bought it on sale, it’s 100% organic cotton, it’s warm enough yet doesn’t make you sweat and of course, it’s very Breton.
  • Baseball cap (New Era) – I love the fact this has a unique copper-colored logo. You can also pair black with anything.
  • T-shirt (Springfield) – okay, so this shirt was actually a men’s shirt… But it’s so loose and comfy that I would wear it on my sleep! and it was also on sale so, perfect.
  • Pashmina scarf (boutique in Boznia) – I love the feel and pattern of this scarf. I bought it when I was in Bosnia and everytime I see it I remember the interesting history of this country.
  • Polka dot wrap dress (Urban Outfitters) – because it’s spring! also I’m feeling like wearing dresses lately.
  • Pegged black pants (Forever21) – I had this for more than 5 years now which is surprising since F21 is considered ‘fast fashion’ but it shows that as long as you take care of your clothes and it will last you longer.
  • Black Oxfords (Clarks) – again, bought this on sale back in Gibraltar and I really want this one to last long since it’s rare that shoes look good with my petite legs.

Make-up and others


  • Passport – of course, I bring this with me everywhere since I don’t have a national ID card.
  • Almond hand cream (L’Occitane) -because I don’t want fire to come out when I rub my hands together. Even though that sounds kinda cool.
  • Eyeshadow (MAC) – when I’m bored of just brown
  • Angled brow brush (MAC) – because no one still haven’t figured out how to fix their brows just with their fingers
  • NAKED Basics eyeshadow palette (Urban Decay) – I’ve had this one for years as well and I’ve been using it mostly as color for my brows. I found that it works as well as the kits specially marketed for brows. This proves that you don’t really need separate products for your eyelid and your brows.
  • Basil & Neroli cologne (Jo Malone) – I will only purchase a Jo Malone if it’s from Gibraltar because the regular price as it is in the UK is already expensive! but I really love this scent so it was worth it. Also I don’t go crazy spraying myself with perfume because my nose is really sensitive so they last longer.
  • CC cream (Chanel) – again, from Gibraltar so it’s less expensive, I wouldn’t dare buy this brand anywhere else because I’d rather spend money somewhere else. But with the scent, the texture and the SPF50, it was also worth it.
  • Mirror – because you’ll never know when you have lipstick on your teeth.
  • Face moisturiser (Embryolisse) – because my face is as dry as the Sahara.
  • Mascara (Too Faced) and eyelash roller (Shiseido) – because you’ll never know when you need to make puppy dog eyes to get out of trouble.
  • Rouge Allure lipstick in L’exuberante (Chanel) – it’s a pretty color for spring.
  • Powerbank (Silvertec) – because my iPhone 5s is so ancient it runs out of battery faster than I can say ‘Apple why did you slow down my phone’.


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