5 Instagram accounts to follow for learning French

We spend on average 30 minutes a day on Instagram but all that time shouldn’t have to be useless, I say that you can even learn a bit of french.

More often than not, we’re just mindlessly scrolling through, loving every post and sometimes not even reading the caption. Understandable, since Instagram is more of a visual platform. But if you’re learning French and you always have the urge to open this app because you’re getting frustrated with conjugations, you don’t have to kick yourself after realising you’ve spent 30 minutes to an hour flicking through photos of puppies, because if you follow these Instagram accounts for french learners then you can pick up a few new mots (words) in between that cute french bulldog and the teacup pig.


Simple and minimalistic, this account posts random beautiful french words and phrases (often no longer than four words) including the IPA pronunciations.


If you want to learn both the whimsical and the shadowy expressions, as if in a french dream.



If you want to hear french from a real french man daily, this account is for you. He reads the words slowly at first, then at [almost] normal speed. Because I think the french speak faster than this. You can find the most ordinary words like below, to famous french sayings. He also posts some beautiful photos of France in between.



Since we are all visual creatures and it’s better to recognise and memorise a foreign language when we already know what it looks like, these daily illustrated french words will definitely be a delight.


This account mostly cover full, true-to-life phrases that you can use everyday, like the one below. They read it out to you over and over in a slow and normal speed.


Learning French doesn’t have to be boring and staring at a grammar book all day. Je souhaite que tu le trouves très utile!

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