A Tale of Two Cities

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

“I know this!” I shouted. I know this, but I do not recall from where or when.

Almost five gruelling months have passed and I have leafed through two Books (there are three Books in total) and found that the only riveting part for me was when (WARNING: SPOILERS)Mr. Stryver paraded himself to Tellson’s, in front of Jarvis Lorry who so very frankly suggested that Lucie is not interested in the poor boastful old man (hah!).

Fast forward towards the end of Book 2 when the Marquis was murdered in his own chambers and all that is vicious and gory has begun. The twists and turns are so intricately put together like a jigsaw puzzle that every time I placed a piece to fit with the rest, my heart beats faster with every step. Before I even read it, I fathomed the book will be about England and France. But other than that obvious fact, Charles Dickens shares these almost aphoristic pairs as well:

1. Prisoner and Savior

Our suffering, no matter how great and prolonged, will be our strength in the end. One of the puzzle pieces which fit perfectly was how Dr. Manette’s painful history, being a Bastille prisoner for ten unimaginable years, gained him popularity within The Republic. Thus he obtained an influence so great as to leave Charles out of harms way and set him free, though just for just a few hours.

2. Grudge and Death

You know how they say “Anger is a double-edged sword”? well here it is a roaring pistol on your bosom. The scene where Miss Pross and Mrs. Defarge were wrestling, the latter had a pistol hidden inside the pockets of her breasts. This is the grudge she held for so long. The same grudge she used to exterminate many of the guilty and a lot more of the innocent. It is the same grudge which eventually led to her death.

3. Love and Sacrifice

Sydney Carton. Oh Sydney Carton! who was the missing puzzle piece I did not realise was the most crucial fragment. He is 1700’s Severus Snape. He is the Lover we will never have because, yes girls, he’s too busy being dead for us. His love for Lucie is so great, that knowing her future with the love of her life would be granting her happiness, it gave him unusual peace upon facing La Guillotine. He may look a whole lot like Charles Darnay but he knows Charles has everything he does not possess. Do not fret Sydney, you have all our hearts for sure!

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