Anja is a Filipina qualified accountant who worked as an auditor for 7 years with a ‘Big Four’ firm back in the Philippines and in Gibraltar. She’s currently a part-time French language student in Paris and part-time just being anything she sets her mind to be! (aka she has a lot of hobbies and wants to be able to do everything) anything Paris.


That’s the tagline of the blog so it’s gonna be mostly about her expat life in Paris: how she got here, how is it living here, what are the free things you can do/visit, her journey in learning French and how you can too. Whether you’re in Paris, planning to go to Paris or a Francophile who wants live the Parisian life vicariously through her articles and photos (and ultimately go here of course!) hopefully you can find something useful in this blog.


It also has loads of travel photos (mostly in Europe) and some videos. If you’re a fellow traveler and just want to reminisce the city, her photos can help you with that, or if you’re just planning for your trip just refer to them for inspiration!


And since it’s also about life, you will read her random life musings which range from ways to be happy to starting an eco-conscious lifestyle.

All photos are taken by her through her ancient iPhone 5s and Canon 600d.