Alameda Gardens

This trip was very random, and just like all the other activities we’ve accomplished for the past months, it was done because it was random and unplanned. We thought we might see flowers since it’s almost spring time but to my disappointment, there aren’t. Though it didn’t hide the fact that it’s a nice place to just unwind and of course, take pictures:


scouting for a pre-nup venue?


the emblem you’ll also find on Gibraltar’s flag


I didn’t know what this tree’s called, or any other plants/trees for that matter =D

We’ve heard they have Cherry Blossoms here! We found this tree called Cherry Plums and they’re darker in colour than Cherry Blossoms but I bet they’re never duller in beauty when in full bloom.


close! though these aren’t Cherry Blossoms but Cherry Plums

I’d definitely have to go back here in the middle of spring but for now, Turrah!

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