Two out-of-towns in a row! It’s like all the years gone by without an out-of-town trip whenever papa comes home have been completely compensated last 2011. This time it’s a place nearer from home (compared to Tagaytay), Anawangin Cove in San Antonio Zambales.

So all 6 of us cramped up in our blue Toyota Vios along with food, clothes, tent and chairs (amazing how we were able to fit inside) for a one hour ride from Olongapo to Pundaquit where we parked our car (yes, you can park your car for Php50-100 per day). The only way you get to the place is through a 30-minute boat ride from Pundaquit which costed us Php1000 I THINK (haha i don’t remember).

Joshua unusually quiet

I must say the boat fee will be very worth it once you see the grandeur of the waves of the sea crashing through the slopes as you pass by.

Back in 2011 there were only a few huts and many spaces where you can put up your tents and the only thing you’ll pay is the entrance fee which is like below Php50.

Setting up our tent

My favorite spot is the stream where the water from the lake flows to the sea. It was refreshing ‘coz it was cold and all you’ll forget the heat was ever there. We just splashed our way through the afternoon!

this is where the water from the lake flows to the open sea

Anawangin is also a place for hikers, though we definitely weren’t hiking-ready, we climbed this slope which was just beside the stream nevertheless.

Me and my friends visited Anawangin last 2012 because I kept on boasting about how it was so refreshing and you feel like you’re in some American picnic ground because of the pine trees, but I guess a lot could happen in a year, like more fences with areas privatized, more people throwing trash around and using the lake for more than bathing alone. Unfortunately the stream was nowhere to be found because they dumped sand with probably to keep the water in the lake. It’s just sad that it seems like the area wasn’t preserved. We were very lucky to have experienced Anawangin Cove in its early years.

Click image for more beautiful shots of our Anawangin trip in mydailydoseofpixels. I INSIST! You will not be disappointed. Turrah!

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