La Modiste

    Il faisait beau. C’était tôt le matin. Il n’y avait personne. Elle était seule. Parfait, elle a pensé et a pris un journal, Le Petit Parisien. Comme ça personne peut la juger. Elle était différente. Pourquoi ?  Read more…

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    Moving out

    I still remember the weeks before I flew to Gibraltar: not even pronouncing the name correctly as how locals do, meet ups with friends for dinner who all ask where exactly is it, me trying to explain that it’s at the southern tip of Spain but isn’t really in Spain but a UK territory, my sister expecting me to see One Direction because it’s part of the UK, me getting tired of explaining it’s location to everyone who hears of the news and asks, googling what Gibraltar looks like with the hopes of seeing what it looks like living there and just seeing photos of the rock.

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    Going Zero Waste

    It was a long time ago since I last watched this TED talk by Lauren Singer. It was interesting to know that anyone can fit years worth of trash into a mason jar. I watched it, I was amazed, and that’s it.

    A few years later I came upon the same idea through youtube. I never knew how I got there. You know how watching a video about minimalism can eventually shift to a video on what americans think about filipino snacks or funny animal compilations, so I won’t even try to check my watch history. It just makes so much sense to try and join this movement with the ever growing concern in consumerism and how this has affected the environment and our health. For the record, this is more than just trying to fit your trash into a mason jar.

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    A Tale of Two Cities

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

    “I know this!” I shouted. I know this, but I do not recall from where or when.

    Almost five gruelling months have passed and I have leafed through two Books (there are three Books in total) and found that the only riveting part for me was when (WARNING: SPOILERS) Read more…