Change of Name. Change of Heart.

Okay, so I’m thinking of changing this site’s name to ‘UNFINISHED BUSINESS’. No, I have no plans of dying yet (well this isn’t really ours to plan, unless you’re one of those stubborn, suicidal maniacs jumping off railways and the like) that I would leave behind some unfinished business—wait… then again, I guess I SHOULD rename it. Its just that I have this tendency to not actually finish things and you know how people say that when ghosts have an unfinished business they tend to linger longer (hey I can make a tongue twister out of that: Linda likes to linger longer lobbying at the Louvre) until they finally complete whatever business that is.

When I start doing things it’s either I like it or I’m forced to do it, but for the purposes of this article, I like to do it. So I’m very enthusiastic and do endless planning and research and writing and stuff. Like Blogging. This is, what, my fourth attempt to make a blogsite that will actually last more than a month. Fortunately this is the longest running active blog I had so far and I like it to stay that way, long-running. Writing really is my passion but lately all I do which I can say is related to writing is just talk about it, which if you ask anybody isn’t technically writing, at all. And it felt wrong, like betraying someone you love, like lying to them that you love them so you’ll spend more time with them but end up just telling them that and not actually doing it. And coming from someone who has felt betrayal (ha ha) I don’t like it, neither will Writing (Ok I person-ified it).

I don’t want to be accused by Writing that I’m all words “If that’s the case why don’t you just like Public Speaking instead of me [Writing]” a little dramatic if you ask me. So, to avoid drama maybe a little reverse psychology and ghastly interference of this UNFINISHED BUSINESS thing would work.

Imagine that zest you feel starting something, you feel so alive! Then as time passes by you lose interest, you feel dead towards it. The solution: mark it as your unfinished business, that which the dead keeps coming back to.

The next question is: when do you know it’s finished?

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