Dexter Ambidextrous

If you wish you could do things with both your hands then you must be jealous of Dexter ambidextrous!

Efficient Dexter once held his sister on his right arm while his laptop on the left and went on his daily walk to the park. Unlike any other day, the place was filled with a bustling crowd due to the Annual We-Have-Everything Bazaar.

Enthusiastic Dexter who was ambidextrous saw a camera, took the strap by his left hand and managed a shot. Blurred.

“Get your sketch book journal here!” and he went straight to it to try and write using his right hand. Ambidextrous as he is, while holding his sister, Dexter wrote illegibly and no one understood.

Curious Dexter saw the colorful buckets of paint and tried creating art, with his right holding his sister who was now chewing the pen with the crumpled sketch book journal he dabbed the brush and splattered red all over the floor.

Soft-hearted Dexter who was ambidextrous saw an old man asking for alms on the street, took some money from his pocket using his left hand and was about to hand it over to the man when he saw a book he wanted to read, so quickly he ran and grabbed the book by his right hand and splattered the same red paint on the book.

Forgetful Dexter forgot to pay for all he took and was taken aback by all the merchants from the bazaar. He took his cellphone using his left hand since he was ambidextrous and thought he can manage…

Poor Dexter who was ambidextrous wasn’t used to all the pressure and panicked! There were clatters and splatters and crying and crashing!

Tired Dexter though ambidextrous dropped everything he was holding: the laptop, his sister, the camera, the pen and pad, the paintbrush, the alms, the book and the cellphone.

You who are jealous of Dexter, how would you pick all those up in order?

Dexter ambidextrous picked up the things in that order and realized he can’t do all those at once. So from that day on he uses his right hand to remind his left to take their time, and vice versa.

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