“That one was fast”, complained Tori. ‘Fast-paced’ is how people describe her job, she writes down the plate numbers of all the vehicles entering the zone. Yes, ALL. She wears the yellow ‘We Love input-some-random-politician-who-keeps-on-putting-their-names-everywhere’ long-sleeved shirt with a sun hat for glaring weather. If one was to guess her age its probably around late forties. You then wonder if they have shifts for of course in order for their job to be effective you actually have to track down every car, every hour, every day. And yes there are others just like her watching the other gates. Tune-up was one of them, he was famous for helping passers-by (the cars that is) who experience any motor problem. “I’ve been doing this for 6 years now and it puts food in our floor” he jokes when asked why at the floor “Well you don’t expect us to buy tables when we find it difficult to actually buy the food to put into them”. There are a total of 3 gates in the zone and the farthest one from the city is guarded by Marcella.

That’s enough for an introduction. This story is actually about the girl on a bus passing through one of those gates, who happen to see the old woman sporting the ‘We Love input-some-random-politician-who-keeps-on-putting-their-names-everywhere’ long-sleeved shirt and wanted to write a made-up story whose introduction is longer than the body and who wishes to slow down a bit.

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