I think I have ADHD

So I think I have ADHD.

SRSLY. I think I do have ADHD. Or maybe not, well I now think I don’t have ADHD.

Obviously you now know this is about me thinking I have ADHD. Well I think of a lot of things, and I mean a LOT like one moment I think about finding a new job and the next thing I know I’m researching on ADHD coz I think I have it. Why do I think that you ask? Okay maybe you’re not asking and you don’t really care so you should stop reading this right away coz as you know this is all about me thinking I have ADHD, which I’ve mentioned so many times but yeah so here goes…

It isn’t that type where I do distractive things from time to time or find it hard to be attentive but more of how I think, fickle-minded and impulsive. I love to write and would like to actually finish a novel but everytime I try I end up thinking about writing something else or doing something else for that matter so I don’t get to finish it. Like right now I was supposed to read a book about how to study the Bible (you should too) and I realize I should blog about ADHD. I guess that’s the reason why I want to do so many things coz I’m really restless you know that’s why I need a lifestyle where I can easily switch doing what I want to do as of the moment like creating an ‘about my life’ video or reading anna karenina which I actually watched last month so I don’t think I will actually continue reading it because its so long!

I guess it helps to let it all out like this so you figured it out, this is nonsense haha, I’ll write something useful one day so you just wait.

So maybe I have ADHD when it comes to thinking but in the outside I can look like I’m really paying attention, but even I don’t know if I really am paying attention like one time my friend was talking to me and I look like my mind was in space which I guess was true because my mind is so preoccupied with so many stuff you know. Maybe that’s the reason why I don’t see myself doing a job which requires you to know standards and all cause my mind will eventually flutter away at some random thing like the minions from Despicable Me.

I’d like to think it’s better to be able to think of different things because it means your mind would not get stagnant and tired of thinking the same things.

A trip to the doctor, yes? Or not, i think I’ll go home and make an ‘about my life’ video. Or not.

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