Lost in the Carnival

It was the day before Ash Wednesday and as always, the city opens the Carnival to the people for the Mardi Gras. It was no ordinary Carnival for only the affluent are privileged to enter it on ordinary days and this is just one of the futile attempts of the elite for the commoners to have a feel of the place just for a day and then regret not being one of them afterwards.

Lily’s mother took this opportunity so her daughter may experience the Carnival and as expected there were lots of people who thought the same thing. It wasn’t soon before long that the bustling crowd made Lily’s hand slide her mother’s and they got separated. She started to cry when someone tapped her back: a boy.

She figured out he’s a bit older since he wasn’t crying when in fact he’s all by himself like her. He asked her what’s the matter and she didn’t hesitate answering despite the fact she was taught NEVER TO TRUST STRANGERS. Lily shared her predicament and the boy told her that the only way for her mother to find her is to announce at the station her situation, which they did. Thirty minutes passed and her mother was still nowhere to be found, this wasn’t such a fun Carnival after all she thought, and just as if the boy can read her mind he asked her if she want to watch the freak show to pass time, they will just leave the station a message, she said yes and they went to the center stage to watch the freak show, then to the country fair grandstand for the lion, the show front for the monkey show and the carousel whose horses she said are a lot more colorful than what they have in the farm. The boy even won a fountain vintage stationary in one of the games where you bite the apple out of the bucket filled with water. Lily has long been fancied by beautiful sheets of paper and stationary.

She had so much fun that two hours had already passed and she did not notice until the familiar call of her mother found her way through the crowd. Her mother hugged her tightly and said sorry so many times that Lily was sure it was even more in number than when her mother said I Love You to her father. She tagged her along so they can go home when Lily remembered the boy, she turned to him and asked him if she can have the stationary for her to remember this fun day with him but the boy said no.

I will give this to somebody else.

And Lily turned away from the Carnival.

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