Missing Milk Tea

I just recently moved in to a different country because of work (Yeah, no big deal right?) and one of the blues of staying in a different place is looking for things you love which aren’t there and in terms of drinks, while writing this next sentence I can already taste it: milk tea.

You might say “how shallow!” Of course it’s a given that you’d miss your family, friends and foes but not being able to taste your usual food means a lot more than you think.

That sinigang my mama always prepares for me everytime I come home from Makati which I don’t need to request beforehand. Now that I’ve tried cooking my own versions (yes, that’s with an s): one with shrimp too small that you’ll confuse them with the strip of onions; using mussels; sprinkling thyme just so it’ll have a different kick; 1:5 ingredients to water ratio just because I can eat it as soup on its own, it will never taste the same as how my mama makes it.

That mongo we buy most of the time while I was being a jobless sibling at my sisters’ unit in Manila and being too lazy to cook anything. I can eat it for days.

That crispy dinuguan in Kanin Club which me and my close friends at work order anytime we’re feeling stressed and splurge-ish. It’s the only dinuguan I can actually gobble down without thinking I’m eating blood and pork fat.

That breakfast meal we eat at 5 in the morning because we weren’t going home yet since there’s still 5 financial statements to finish.

That apple I’m able to buy on the way from work when I’m not being late.

And of course the Happy Lemon Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese milk tea plus Auntie Anne’s original pretzel with caramel dip that I always crave serving as my pick-me-upper.

You love food not just because of the taste or the attention you’d get from posting a photo of it to Instagram or Facebook, but the moments you had while eating them and the memories you recall while missing them.

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