12 Most Beautiful Metro Stations in Paris

The metro is undoubtedly a part of the Parisian everyday life. You’ve got to hand it to the French to make mundane routines into something like a visit to the museum. Here are 12 of the most beautiful metro station entrances amongst the 300+ located in Paris.

The Whimsical Art Nouveau

French architect Hector Guimard was chosen in 1899 to design the metro stations and one of his works involve the ‘bouche de métro’ or the openings in the ground leading to the underground metro. It’s typically characterised by green cast iron and yellow signposts saying ‘Metropolitan’ or ‘Metro’. Going through these gateways feels like you’re about to enter into another world!

(from left to right including metro lines)

  1. Châtelet Paris m 1 jmsParis m 4 jmsParis m 7 jmsParis m 11 jmsParis m 14 jms
  2. Porte Dauphine Paris m 2 jms
  3. Réamur – Sebastopol Paris m 4 jmsParis m 3 jms
  4. Kléber Paris m 6 jms

Apparently, an original entrance was given to Square-Victoria station in Montreal and some replicas can be found in Lisbon and Chicago. Too bad I didn’t know this back when I was in Lisbon, I would’ve definitely find it and take a photo! it’s a reminder next time when I go to Montreal or Chicago.

The Neo-classical stonework

Instead of the green and yellow Guimard-style passage, these entryways are made from stone with candelabra signposts in red and white. Rather than a whimsical feel, this style which started in 1904 as designed by the architect Cassien-Bernard, feels more classic and formal. Most of the stone entrances are built in the prestigious locations like Opera and the one below in Franklin Roosevelt.

(from left to right including metro lines)

5. Franklin Roosevelt Paris m 1 jmsParis m 9 jms

6. Lamarck – Caulaincourt Paris m 12 jms

The Lamarck – Caulaincourt station is a favourite amongst photographers and travelers alike due to its cameo in the famous French movie Amelie and the many goings-on in the background which make for a perfect composition in a photoshoot.

Kiosks and other housed entrances

Guimard also drew another type of metro edicule in the form of a kiosk. Instead of an open arch, it’s made from bricks. He retained the green and yellow signpost with the Guimard-typography. The one below in Javel – André Citröen even looks like an asian temple.

It’s worth to note that the Volontaires metro station is located in the longest street in Paris, Rue Vaugirard. This entrance and the one in Miromesnil are housed in independent buildings. Though not as striking as the other stations, the design makes a good contrast.

(from left to right including metro lines)

7. Saint – Jacques Paris m 6 jms

8. Javel – André Citröen Paris m 10 jms

9. Volotaires Paris m 12 jms

10. Miromesnil Paris m 9 jmsParis m 13 jms

The austere

Minimalists might like the simplicity and rigidity of this entryway. Very apt since it’s named after the Bourse (Stock Exchange) with all its securities, trading and all that jazz.

11. Bourse Paris m 3 jms

The unique

The entrance on Place Colette was redesigned by Jean-Michel Othoniel, as the “Kiosque des noctambules” (Kiosk of the night-walkers), and completed in October 2000 for the centenary of the Métro. Two cupolas of the “Kiosque des noctambules” (one representing the day, the other the night) are made of colored glass beads that are threaded to structure of aluminum. They make an unexpected and original work in the very traditional environment of the Place Colette.

You can never find another metro edicule like the Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre station. Personally I think it looks like a crown and anyone coming in or out should feel like a queen/king.

12. Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre Paris m 9 jms

Next time you’re in Paris, check out these beautiful portals. Atleast like that it might make your metro ride a little less boring.

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