The door slammed shut after Julianna went inside the boutique followed by her boyfriend. “I told you to sit next to Poppa last night, you could’ve talked about a lot ‘o things” “Jule, we talked about SharkWeek, that’s a lot of things. And I can’t just ask your sister to move ‘coz I wanted to sit next to your father.” “You could’ve talked about more things other than SharkWeek if only you followed the plan. You know how Poppa’s so critical about us. It was so simple, sit next to him so you two can talk. So simple Gale.”

Julianna cried that I was cutting the sleeve a bit too long, which was actually confusing because ‘a bit’, I believe, is not really ‘too long’. I was her 16th assistant for this year. It’s only August.

“Are we seriously fighting about this?” Gale responded. “I’m just saying that if you really care about this relationship you’d learn to stick to the plan more often,” “Alright Jule, I’m sorry. Just, don’t worry, the dinner went smooth. I understand you’re just nervous,” “What and you’re not? Am I the only one who cares then?” that made me retreat to the stockroom, their voices still audible. “Maybe we could loosen up a bit, you’re making it look harder than it actually is, I didn’t feel any ‘critical look’ from your father at all,” “I know Poppa more than you.” “Of course.”

A customer entered the boutique “Hi,” I went out just in time “can you take a look at the measurements of this dress? I don’t think it’s what I specifically asked you to do.” I took the dress and checked the computer for this particular order “Which part of the dress in particular ma’am? we could just alter it as you wish,” “That measurement is already my wish and obviously it wasn’t followed. The length was supposed to be 48 inches, I measured and it’s 47.9, I expect to receive it tomorrow afternoon.” and she left.

This time Julianna came over “Is that woman serious? altering for a .1 difference? sometimes perfectionists are so unreasonable!” I just nodded.

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