Prizoners Escape Game – Paris

The first time I tried an escape game was online and I don’t think I ever succeeded. Until now.

Escape Game rooms have popped up all over Paris since 2013 and of course who wouldn’t like the thrill of trying to escape a dungeon or a psychiatric hospital with the comfort of knowing that if you fail you won’t be stuck there forever.

I finally had the chance to actually experience a live escape game called Prizoners located at the historic heart of Paris. They have four rooms with different themes:

The one we had was Prison de la Bastille. Very apt since we’re in the “heart of the historic centre of Paris”. I’m only gonna give you a little warning so as not to spoil anything:

Stone arches, torches and torture instruments. Truths are hidden in the jails of this legendary building … You are not the type to let yourself be destabilized by the cries of the tortured, right?

After you have stored all your things safely in the locker (phones included! You’re not allowed to bring them) ,the game master will brief you at the beginning for around 5 minutes. After that you are left for 1 hour to escape! at first 1 hour might seem long but when you’re already too focused (which you will definitely be) you will see that time passes by quick! You are informed of the time left too to add that little pressure. For english speakers you don’t have to worry, this is Paris so their clues are both in French and English. The price varies depending on the difficulty time you want to reserve, peak hours (ie after work hours) are more expensive but not by much. The first game starts at 10:00 and the last one at 22:00. With some hours priced at €100, if you have 5 team members that’s just €20/person and you can already experience the thrill of an escape game! The most expensive room is €130.

careful not to end up like this guy

As mentioned, you can play with a maximum of 5 members which means you might get to find clues faster but also means you have 5 different minds clashing. That’s why it’s important to communicate and hear what everyone has to say. We were a group of 4 and we were able to escape just in the nick of time! we only had a minute or less left!

Team Nantes

It’s perfect for a company team-building or just a week-end with friends or family.

Ready, set, escape!

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