Rock, paper, monkeys

What, have I been living under a rock? No, but beside it and this time we went on top of it.

My roomies and I rode the cable car up and I’d have to say I would rather climb up the steep stairs or use the Med Steps than ride that again. It wasn’t at all bumpy but looking at how aged it is makes me wonder whether it has reached the end of its useful life and was actually written off from property, plant and equipment some time ago.

a view from the top

You can see the whole of Gibraltar from the top and what great way to do my first tilt-shift than to start with this:

tilt-shifting Gibraltar

Someday (when it isn’t scorching hot) I want to go up that tip.

The Rock of Gibraltar

Once you’re done looking at the whole Gibraltar (which was approximately one minute) you can watch the monkeys eat, sleep or harass people.

life lessons from The Rock

Then we walked for like 15 minutes under the scorching tanning sun to St. Michaels Cave which was filled with changing lights making me realise I would really love to watch a concert here or something, like that one scene in Dan Brown’s Inferno.

Our initial plan after St. Michael’s Cave was to do the Mediterranean Steps and we passed by this amazing view:

the path to Med Steps

but after a few minutes or so our feet did not feel as amazed neither did our stomach for it was actually 2pm and we found out that it would take us another 1.5 hours to walk down the Med Steps so we concluded that when going up the rock put Med Steps into an entirely different itinerary for it would exhaust you, well at least it would for us. So my message to Mediterranean Steps: “Next time”.

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