Strasbourg top spots for photography

If you only had a short stay at Strasbourg, where should you go to get the best photos?

We only had a day to wander around and even though Strasbourg is smaller than Paris, it isn’t enough to explore the wonders of this city. Every corner and street can be a good spot for photographers especially if you’re able to produce creative shots. But other than the perspective, the actual setting plays a big role. Here are the top spots you should visit first if you only had a limited time in this beautiful city:

1.La Petite France

A part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s located at the western end of the Grande Île which contains the historical center of the city. It is one of the most picturesque spots in Strasbourg with it’s half-timbered houses and bridges.

Where to be: Stand at the edge of Place Benjamin Zix and you’ll see that you’ll have a good view of the Pont du Faisan on the right and find yourself surrounded with the colorful timber houses. You can also catch a boat passing by if you wait.

Pont du Faisan

Where to be: Rue du Pont Saint-Martin is another bridge that gives you a perfect horizon of the historic village.

Pont Saint-Martin

2.Barrage Vauban

Made to aid during the siege of Strasbourg, today it’s a perfect spot to get a panoramic view of La Petite France.

Where to be: Go up the terrace and you will find yourself looking at les Ponts Couverts and over the beautiful Petite France.

Les Ponts Couverts

3.Place de la Cathedrale

Other than the historic cathedrale, you will find plenty of nice streets lined with instagram-worthy shops. This street is my favourite.

Where to be: Rue du Chaudron. Make sure to keep your head up while walking along here, I guarantee you will find something interesting.

Rue du Chaudron

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