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What to see in Montmartre

Ideally? everything. But ‘ideally’ doesn’t always happen so here’s the next best thing.

When you’re around Montmartre you should always put your comfiest shoes on and just walk. Walk around aimlessly even. Isn’t that how we always find hidden treasures around the city? (scroll down the bottom to see the map of our walk)

Starting off from the BlancheParis m 2 jms metro station, we walked up the hill through Rue Lepic. Reaching the end of the street, we couldn’t help but stop for a few minutes to takes photos of this corner where Le Basilic restaurant is.

photo credits @flowtographik

Continuing the climb, we saw this pretty restaurant called Le Petit Parisien (yes, just like the old Parisian newspaper) that I just had to take some shots. It was pretty early in the morning so that’s why there aren’t people inside yet!

But what we were looking for really is this famous restaurant at Rue Lepic, Le Moulin de la Galette. And if Renoir comes to mind then you’re right, his painting Bal du Moulin de la Galette depicts a typical sunday afternoon in the very same district.

Unfortunately we didn’t really dine here, but if we do that would be in another blog post! So continuing up Rue Girardon, our next stop is this pretty street called Villa Léandre. If you’re tired of the huge Haussmanian buildings you’ll definitely fall in love with this picturesque corner of Montmartre, with its little brick houses typical of the Anglo-Saxon style. Look for apartment no.10 which makes reference to Downing Street in London!

photo credits @flowtographik

Don’t worry, no need to call the firemen, this isn’t a real cat. And it actually adds a quirky touch to this house’s entrance!

They also have the most beautiful archways covered in flowers and green that it would be a crime not to take a photo with it!

photo credits @flowtographik

As much as I wanted to stay on this quaint corner, we had to leave via Avenue Junot to Rue Saint-Vincent. Did you know that there’s a vineyard in Paris? I definitely didn’t until Flo told me about it. It’s not like the large vineyards of Italy, but the fact that there’s actually one inside a city producing 1,700 bottles a year is surprising. They harvest the grapes in October where there’s always a festive celebration. The Vineyard of Montmartre is at the corner of Rue de Saules and Rue Saint-Vincent.

The exterior walls of the houses on the Rue Saint-Vincent even think they’re part of the vineyard!

Since we are on a hill, you’re bound to see a lot of stairs in Montmartre so make sure your legs and lungs are ready!. This one is at Rue du Mont-Cenis, after turning right from Rue Saint-Vincent.

And this also means that as we’re going up the hill, you’ll have a nice view of the rest of the city down below.

Also an opportunity to mess around on the stairs lol.

photo credits @flowtographik

Now this is actually the back of Sacre Coeur, another perspective of this magnificent church. Perfect too if you want to avoid the mass of people in front.

But the area where there are a lot of people is always somewhere that you should check out, so make sure to go around the church and look for amazing artists on the street.

“To love means to act”

photo credits @flowtographik

“There’s no greater love than to give one’s life for those we cherish!” Love travelling? then get up and go spend your life doing it!

Here’s a map of our walk in Montmartre:


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